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Player Assistance Services

Player Assistance Services

Player Assistance Services is designed to provide players with information and professional development activities that will enhance their decision-making abilities and overall life satisfaction. The activities are designed to assist players with transitioning into the NFL, provide ongoing assistance while playing, and help with the transition out of the league through the Rookie Symposium, Rookie Success Program, and Professional Development Seminars.

Rookie Success Program (RSP)

The Rookie Success Program is designed to reinforce the professional developmental activities addressed at the Rookie Symposium and further assist with the transition into the NFL.

This nine-week, psycho-educational, classroom-based program is designed to teach players how to improve their decision making skills, and to utilize the resources available to them and their families. It includes topics such as family safety, lifestyle management, impulse control, anger management, time management, stress management, domestic violence, and public safety.

Professional Development Seminars

The Professional Development Program is an interactive presentation designed to raise players ' awareness of transitional opportunities in how to achieve success in their post playing experience. Topics addressed are selected by the Club and may include dealing with friends and family, managing finances, balancing work and family, and dealing with a high- profile environment.

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