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Charlie Batch Wins 47th Annual Byron Whizzer White Award

NFLPA Communications
February 8, 2013

Charlie Batch of the Pittsburgh Steelers was announced as the winner of the Byron “Whizzer” White Award on Thursday at the NFL Players Association State of Union press conference in New Orleans.

"A lot of players use their football platform to enact positive change in their communities,” said Jason Belser, Senior Director of Player Affairs and Development. “Charlie has a true passion for providing service to his community and to his teammates as evidenced by his long tenure as an NFLPA leader.  We are proud to add Charlie to the prestigious list of Byron “Whizzer” White Award winners.”

Each year the NFLPA recognizes players that have used their success for the benefit of society through outstanding devotion to philanthropic efforts.  The prestigious award honors professional football athletes for embodying the ideals of the scholar, athlete, patriot, humanitarian and public servant Byron Raymond “Whizzer” White. The award serves as the highest honor the NFLPA can bestow on a player.

The Best of Batch Foundation, launched in 2000 and based in Charlie’s hometown of Homestead, Penn., aims to provide underprivileged youth and their families with the necessary resources to put forth their best efforts in all aspects of life. Batch takes an active and hands on role in influencing the youth through after school programs, sports activities, scholarships, school visits, and public speaking. In addition to Best of Batch, he is the owner of Batch Development Company which reinvests back into the Pittsburgh community by creating jobs and career opportunities.  After more than 12 years of relentless service to the residents of Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities, Batch continues to push the envelope; developing new ways to achieve the foundation mission through fundraising events, partnerships and projects.

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