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From Football to Franchapreneur: Adam Edwards
Athlete Spotlight

Feb. 13, 2013

Former NFL and international football player, Adam Edwards, has turned his passion for business into a successful franchapreneur machine. A Native Oklahoman, Adam is a former collegiate and professional athlete who graduated from Oklahoma State University with three B.S. degrees in Health Promotions, Business Management, and Criminal Justice. Throughout his career Adam has played professional football, worked his way up the corporate ladder of Fortune 500 companies, and embarked on exciting entrepreneurial opportunities. Since his days on the field Adam has also received a number of certifications, including Certified Franchise Executive, Certified Medical Representative, Certified Sales Trainer, and Corporate Management Development.  He believes franchising is a great business model and advocates athletes exploring opportunities within the industry.

Adam first entertained his future in business by starting a lawn mowing service at the age of ten.  It was limited to his father’s tools and the local neighborhood he lived in, but it was the experience that taught Adam the value of honest-hard work.  In 2003, Adam partnered with a team of NFL investors on his first business venture in Oklahoma, and quickly developed other locations in Washington D.C., Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania, to name a few.  In 2008, Adam became a minority share owner of a small virtual shopping company, modeled after QVC.  In 2011, his investment firm The Nspire Group procured the master franchise rights for Golden Heart Senior Care of Oklahoma, netting 18 individual franchises throughout the State of Oklahoma. Adam also operates iMatch Franchise, an independent franchise brokerage firm. The firm represents over 400 brands and facilitates relationships between entrepreneurs and various franchise concepts. Adam oversees recruitment, business development, and matchmaking process.

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