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Keith Moody, the current Director of Adult Education for the Mountain View School District in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been involved in formal education for more than a quarter-century.

However, his football education includes playing at Syracuse in the early ‘70s and then five years in our league with the Bills (1976-79) and the Super Bowl XV Champion Raiders in 1980. 

After his NFL career, Keith first coached in college but also spent time working with at-risk kids in upstate New York where he was raised.  He moved his family back to the West Coast, earned a Master’s Degree and became a high school counsellor.  A short time later, he transitioned into a productive and satisfying education-administration career.

“I obviously enjoyed the intensity of hitting and playing,” Keith recalls “and I do still kind of miss that because in administration you have to be more diplomatic.  However, academics have been my life now for years and that’s where I pride myself. Helping the adults do well in my current position or, in earlier years as school principal, hiring the right teachers and getting our high school kids into good colleges, that’s been my game plan.  One other big benefit to my adult ed post is it gives me time to sneak away and see my son Keith, Jr. who is our high school record holder for 800 meters.  I wouldn’t trade where I am today.”  

The NFL wouldn’t trade Keith Moody either… nor the countless other retired players who have devoted your post football careers to teaching, coaching or non-profit foundation work.   We are proud of all of you!

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