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Continuing Education

The National Football League Continuing Education Program (CEP) assists current and former NFL players to complete their undergraduate degree, pursue graduate studies and utilize other educational opportunities to prepare for life after football.

Administered by the NFL Player Engagement staff, the CEP partners with colleges and universities across the country to design detailed plans to help players reach their educational goals. By working closely with academic advisors, these individualized educational plans may include opportunities to pursue coursework in a player’s franchise city, at his original institution or through distance learning via Internet-based coursework.

Each year, Player Engagement conducts a “student search” program identifying the 20 -25 institutions that send the most players to the National Football League. Working closely with academic advisors at those schools, the NFL targets players who are close to graduation, essentially recruiting players back to the classroom.

The success of the CEP is due to the desire demonstrated by players to return to school, the flexibility of the institutions involved and the diligence of the team Director of Player Engagement who often become an integral part of the communication and information process.

Players who have already completed their undergraduate degree may opt to participate in graduate school or professional certification programs aimed at enhancing their skills and abilities. The CEP can assist players to identify appropriate, accredited schools; provide guidance on admission requirements including graduate exams (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.) and assist players in the preparation of their graduate application.

Football careers are often short and players have to prepare for life after the game. Earning a college degree is an important step in their professional development. The ultimate objective of the CEP is to assist players in meeting their educational goals and finding success in both their personal and professional lives.

The following are NFL players who earned their college degrees in 2013-2014:

Player Name



Clausen, Jimmy

University of Notre Dame

Bachelor of Arts

Crawford, Tyrone

Boise State University

Bachelor of Arts

Freeman, Jerrell

Mary Hardin-Baylor

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Griffin, John

Northeastern University

Bachelor of Science

Hagan, Derek

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts

Harris, DuJuan

Troy State University

Bachelor of Science

Hilton, T.Y.

Florida International University

Bachelor of Arts

Kerrigan, Ryan

Purdue University

Bachelor of Science in Education

Lewis, Kendrick

University of Mississippi

Bachelor of Science

Mallett, Ryan

University of Arkansas

Bachelor of Arts

McBean, Ryan

Oklahoma State University

Bachelor of Science in Education

McClain, Terrell

University of South Florida

Bachelor of Arts

Robinson, Zac

Oklahoma State University

Bachelor of Science

Samuel, Asante

University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Science

Troup, Torell

University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Arts

NFL Player Engagement and The Princeton Review have collaborated to provide additional educational services and resources through our Continuing Education Program across the Prep, Life, and Next audiences. NFLPE and The Princeton Review share the objective of preparing students to achieve the highest-level of educational success possible. Through the NFLPE and Princeton Review relationship, the NFLPE audience will be eligible to receive the following services:

Educational Content: Each month in our newsletters, on the Engagement Zone, and through our social media feeds, we will feature articles from The Princeton Review about various educational topics.

Targeted Learning: Current NFL players, their wives and significant others, and their children will be eligible for one-on-one tutoring to better prepare them for a return to the classroom, for advanced educational programs, or for career advancement.

Workshops: The Princeton Review’s educational workshops will be incorporated into a variety of NFLPE’s programs.

Discounts on The Princeton Review Resources: All friends and family of NFLPE are eligible to receive discounts on The Princeton Review’s outstanding educational services. Athletes and their families can receive a 10% discount on The Princeton Review’s test preparation classes when signing up through The Princeton Review website. Also receive a 10% discount on any of The Princeton Review’s books when purchased through the Random House website.

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